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What are the ages of Tammy and Amy Slaton? The Sisters Are Quite a Pair.

What are the ages of Tammy and Amy Slaton? The Sisters Are Quite a Pair.

Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton have a long way to go on 1000-Lb Sisters before they’re completely well. However, the show’s dynamic draws a large number of viewers. Because, despite the fact that both ladies battle with their weight, seeing the drama between them unfold is always entertaining.

But what are Tammy and Amy Slaton’s ages? It’s possible that they dispute so much because they’re often in competition with one another. If you ask Tammy, she’ll probably tell you that her sister has nothing to be jealous about, and vice versa. They argue, though, as if they are twins who were once joined at the hip.

Tammy and Amy are so similar in age that some people mistake them for twin sisters. In 2021, Tammy turned 35, and Amy turned 34. They are a year and three months apart, to be precise. It’s no surprise that they’re constantly at conflict with one another. They used to live together, and despite Amy moving out, getting married, and having a child, Tammy still has high expectations for her.

Tammy and Amy argue like teenagers in certain ways. They are, after all, sisters. When sisters argue with each other, they receive a pass for being immature. Take a look at how Amy and Tammy refer to each other as “b—-h” as if it were a term of endearment. Tammy is the only person who could get away with treating Amy the way she does.

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Tammy was upset when Amy decided to take a break from her caregiving duties with Tammy in Season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters. Amy has all of the time in the world to help her and hang out with her during the day while Amy’s husband is at work, in her opinion. Amy, on the other hand, decided she was ready to devote more time to being a mother and less time to caring for Tammy.

As a result, the sisters fought over almost everything. Things haven’t been easy between them, from Amy’s choice to hire a home caregiver for Tammy to Amy requiring that Tammy call in her own medicines.

Tammy and Amy’s friendship, on the other hand, is rarely easy.

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