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Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4: Karen Speaks Up! Release Date & Plot

Doubling Down With The Derricos took the TV world by storm. Although TLC already has a reputation for presenting unique reality shows, fans were in awe of this family of multiples. What makes the series so unique is that it is full of heart and soul. Hence, fans were instantly attached to Karen and Deon Derrico with their 14 extraordinary and adorable children. After going through an emotional season, they remain curious whether the family would return with Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4. Well, Karen Derrico recently took to her social media to set the record straight. Keep reading more to know all the latest details about this.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4: Is It Renewed? Karen Clarifies!

Fans couldn’t get enough of the zeal and positive aura the Derrico family would provide. Hence, the popularity of the reality show skyrocketed in no time. It turns out that Karen and Deon Derricos’ multiple family members have made a special place in everyone’s hearts. Yet, they went into a worrisome state. It happened after hearing some rumors stating the show will probably not have more seasons. However, mama Derrico recently took to her Instagram to talk about Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4. It turns out that she urged the followers to “pray” that TLC greenlights the show. Meanwhile, she will keep them updated about this development.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4: Is The Show Currently In Production?

As per Karen Derrico’s update on Instagram, she clarified that the network has not yet contacted the family about the upcoming season. Therefore, she has no idea whether there will be a new season or not. This means that the family is not around the camera crew as of now. Hence, they are not filming for Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4. At last, Karen stated that her giant family is still “excited”, “waiting,” and feeling “prayerful” about the future of the show.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4: What To Expect From The New Season?

Although the Derricos are not filming for the new season as of now, there is a strong possibility that they might soon. That’s because the show has garnered a lot of attention and love in the few years. Moreover, the previous season took an emotional toll on every fan. Apparently, the loving grandma of the Derrico family, GG, had to face some unfortunate news. It turns out her lung cancer is back, and the family is doing their best to make her live her best life. Hence, there is a chance that the upcoming season will be a tear-jerker. That’s because the new season would presumably focus on her cancer battle and how the rest of the Derrico’s would stay strong through it all.

Doubling Down With the Derricos

Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4: Release Date! When Is The Family Returning On TV?

Although neither the Derricos nor TLC has updates about the upcoming season as of now, the fans are eagerly waiting to know about the renewal and release date of their beloved show. It turns out that the first ever season premiered on August 11, 2020. It was then followed by season 2 on August 10, 2021. At last, the previous season, i.e., season 3, took over TV by May 10, 2022. Therefore, Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 4 will most likely premiere in 2023 around May-August.

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