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‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel & Aspyn Helped Truely Cope With The Split

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Nov 7, 2022

Sister Wives star Christine Brown wanted to tell Truely about the divorce. However, things did not go as planned. Her youngest daughter walked in on a phone conversation. Therefore, the mother of six was forced to break down what was going on between her and Kody. They had divorced and she and Truely were leaving Flagstaff for Utah. This was not easy for the now-twelve-year-old. Fortunately, she had two older sisters to lean on, Ysabel and Aspyn. They really helped her through everything as revealed in the latest episode.

Sister Wives Daughters Aspyn & Ysabel Help Truely Through Divorce

In the latest episode, Christine and Truely are taking Ysabel off to North Carolina. She will then live with her sister and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie. Maddie has been married to Caleb Brush since 2016 and together, they have created a sweet little family. It will be great for Ysabel to have a healthy couple to look up to. On the way to North Carolina, the split between Kody and Christine is addressed. Truely is sad that she will have to leave her family in Flagstaff.

This is the first time that she is really opening up about the move and how she really feels about everything. She really does not want to move away. However, Ysabel believes that this will be the best for her sister in the long run. She will be living in the middle of their older sisters Mykelti Padron and Aspyn Johnson. Both women are in very happy marriages which is what Truely needs to see after the dysfunction of their parent’s marriage.

It is also revealed that Truely has been leaning heavily on Ysabel when it comes to the split. Together, they have been working on getting through everything. Furthermore, Aspyn has been someone that Truely has looked to when she needs advice or an open heart. Both siblings have been accepting of the split and know that it is for the best. Therefore, they can help their little sister navigate this uncertain storm.

Happier Days

So far, the Sister Wives youngster has been quite content in Utah. Truely and Christine have spent a lot of time with family and traveled frequently, as well. They often meet up with Christine’s former sister wife, Janelle, and her kids to go on adventures including Disney World. Most recently, they all attended the oldest Brown child, Logan’s wedding. It was a big deal and Christine was bursting with pride at how beautiful her girls were. Plus, Truely has had achievements in school so it is safe to say everything has worked out extremely well.

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