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What is Shauna Rae’s current relationship status? I Am Shauna Rae star reveals details about her dating life

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Nov 7, 2022

I Am Shauna Rae teased the titular star’s life in new a teaser ahead of season 2. In the teaser, Rae stated that she had been talking to a man named Dan – an entrepreneur from Wales who may visit her soon as he claims to have work in America.

The trailer also teased the reality star going on a blind date set up by a matchmaker. The date was with a firefighter named Thomas, who also lives with pituitary dwarfism.

In the season premiere of the show, Shauna stated that she was a little nervous about meeting Thomas, but after the date, implied that he might have “potential.” The reality star’s current relationship status is single, but if things go well with Thomas, it might just change.

I Am Shauna Rae: Shauna reveals that her date was “in general kinda cool”

In the season premiere of I Am Shauna Rae, Shauna went on a blind date with Thomas, a volunteer firefighter who also lives with pituitary dwarfism. Upon meeting him, she was initially surprised that he stands at 4 feet 8 inches even though they have the same diagnosis.

The two visited the fire station and went out for dinner but not without supervision, as Rae’s stepfather and sister were also seen dining at the same restaurant.

While in conversation with E! Online, Shauna spoke about her date:

“I think going on a date with a firefighter in general was kinda cool. I mean, it was like being back in second grade when you learn everything about a fire station.”

She added that being on a date with someone who had the same diagnosis as her opened both their eyes since they had never met anyone with their diagnosis in real life.

While the two have a common medical history, their “social lives” turned out to be really different. As the date progressed, the two found common ground in wanting to move out of their parents’ houses and buy their own at some point.

The I Am Shauna Rae star also shared that Thomas “inspired her in more ways than one.” The two spoke about their past and the discrimination they face along with the degrading terms they’ve been called.

The reality star’s date told her that instead of letting those words define him, he lets them empower him by not letting himself be affected by them. Shauna said that she thinks Thomas is a very inspiring man and that he inspires her and the people in his life to “do good.”

Ahead of I Am Shauna Rae’s premiere, she told E! Online that she is not really looking for a relationship but is open to the possibility of it. She further stated that there are a couple of people that she’s talked to who have a lot of potential.

She added that Dan, whose presence was teased in the trailer and is from Wales, is a really close friend and that their relationship may develop into something more.

The 22-year-old has put her personal life on display for the world, but her purpose with the show goes beyond her personal self. With I Am Shauna Rae, the reality star wants to make a difference for people with disabilities and dwarfism. Shauna wants to influence people with disabilities to “empower themselves and be confident and go out there and not care what people think.”

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