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‘Sister Wives:’ Christine says she finds her independence ’empowering’

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Nov 24, 2022

In an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Christine and Kody Brown clash over moving her snow blower. Kody says the interaction “bothered” him “to the core.”

Kody and Christine Brown have a (another) tense encounter in the upcoming episode of “Sister Wives.”

The former couple, whose divorce has been chronicled throughout the latest season of the TLC reality series, meet up at Christine’s house to load several heavy items into a trailer for her move to Utah.

But the simple task quickly devolves into an argument.

It all starts when Kody arrives and Christine tells him she’d like her snow blower loaded into the trailer first. However, Kody recommends a different approach and says the machine should be loaded last.

“When you’re pulling a trailer, you want the weight in the front. If your weight is in the back, then it starts lifting in a way that’ll start making the trailer rock on the road,” he explains in an exclusive clip shared with TODAY.

In a confessional, Christine expresses her frustration over the situation.

“Oh my gosh, all I really need his help for is the snow blower, that’s it. I want it in front cause then I’m done and he can go,” the 50-year-old says.

Christine explains that she tried a bit of reverse psychology on her ex to speed up the process.

“That’s why I keep on saying, ‘You’re gonna help me load all of it then?’ I’m trying to get him to be like, ‘Oh, I don’t wanna stay and help you load all of it. Let’s put the snow blower in first.’ And then I’ll go, ‘That’s a great idea,’” she says.

As Kody continues to explain that he doesn’t think the snow blower should go in first, Christine becomes more annoyed.

‘He doesn’t need to be here micromanaging how I fill up this trailer with the last of my crap,” she says in a confessional.

Back in her garage, Christine tells Kody she isn’t willing to negotiate with him on this matter.

“This is the deal. I can put the boxes in my car. I cannot put (the snow blower and other large items) in my car. More than anything, those are going with me this trip,” she says.

“I wouldn’t. I would wait,” Kody replies.

Christine puts her foot down at this point. “Yeah, I know you wouldn’t. Kody, I know, thank you. I’m going to be in charge of this. I need those with me now,” she says.

Kody says “all right” and promptly beings loading the snow blower into the trailer. In a confessional, he looks back on the tense encounter.

“Yeah, she doesn’t wanna listen to actually good advice so I’m just gonna cram it all in (the trailer). Let’s just get this done,” he says. “She’s proving that she’s the independent woman now by telling me how the best way to pack this is. It bothered me to the core.” 

This isn’t the first time Kody has called out Christine for her “independent” attitude this season. The father of 18 has admitted that he’s having trouble processing their divorce.

However, Christine views her independent spirit as something to be celebrated, rather than admonished.

“I think it’s super important to be independent as a plural wife. I mean the guy’s not around, the husband’s not around. He has so many different places to be,” she explains in a confessional. 

“And frankly, that’s one of my favorite qualities about myself — that I can do things on my own. I think it’s so empowering just to be able to get stuff done,” the mother of six continues.

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