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Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy Stole The Show At Tammy’s Wedding

ByIron Men

Nov 25, 2022

Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters had a wedding, but it was her sister, Amy, who had all eyes on her. Is she finally getting her health back on track?

All eyes were on 1000-lb Sisters star Amy Halterman at Tammy Slaton’s wedding, and fans think Amy stole the show. Tammy has waited so long to get married, and she finally found true love with her new husband, Caleb Willingham. The reality star had a small wedding with only her family in attendance.

Tammy’s wedding ceremony with Caleb was held at the Ohio rehab facility where the 1000-lb Sisters star is residing. She said, “I do,” and pledged her solemn vows to Caleb on November 19, 2022. Of course, her sister, Amy, was by her side as she embarked on this new journey. Normally, the bride is the center of attention, but in this case, all eyes were on Amy, and fans couldn’t stop talking about her incredible transformation on Tammy’s TikTok. In a Reddit thread created by u/[deleted], a deleted Reddit user, started a discussion surrounding Amy’s new look that had fans buzzing. One Reddit user commented on the thread, “Yes, Ames, you look great!! Love the hair!”

Amy Halterman Is A Brand New Woman

Amy has had ups and downs with her weight loss journey, but it looks like she is finally getting back on track. After giving birth to her two sons, Gage and Glenn Halterman, 1000-lb Sisters Amy lost sight of her goals. Being a full-time mom has left little time for Amy to focus on herself, but now she may finally be taking control of her life. In the wedding photos, the proud bridesmaid stood by her sister’s side in an orange dress, a full face of makeup with her purple hair curled and pinned back. Fans were thrilled to see Amy investing in her appearance. Another Reddit user commented on the thread, “Wow! Amy looks great!”

Not only did Amy’s new-look turn heads, fans couldn’t help but notice the 35-year-old looked noticeably slimmer. Like her sister, Tammy, Amy also struggles with food addiction and making healthy and appropriate choices. Although she did lose weight and qualify for bariatric surgery, Amy’s weight loss stalled on 1000-lb Sisters afterward. Like Tammy, she had her share of excuses and reasons to justify falling off the wagon. Whether it was due to her pregnancy cravings or lack of time or motivation, she stopped putting in the effort she needed to progress. Fans were shocked to see Amy and couldn’t deny that she is making noticeable strides toward a healthier life. A third user commented, “Amy honestly looks a lot smaller!!”

Even though most people are stunned by Amy’s progress, not everyone feels like she deserves all the praise and attention she has been garnering. Some fans feel that Amy hasn’t changed her ways at all, and it was only the way the video was taken. Whether it was the lighting, the camera angle, or Amy’s posture behind her incredible look, fans are happy for her. However, the question may finally be answered when 1000-lb Sisters season 4 returns.

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