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7 Little Johnstons: Alex Gets His First Job!

ByIron Men

Dec 5, 2022

A lot has happened in 7 Little Johnstons since the show premiered on TLC. All the Johnston siblings have grown up, and most of them are adults now. Alex and Emma Johnstons are the youngest ones and are 16 years old. But they will soon leave for college like the rest of the siblings. Amidst this, they are preparing to tackle the adult world as they are growing up. The latest episode had Alex earn his first job! So what does he do? Keep reading to know more details about this.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Puts His Drone To Work! His Teacher Hires Him

Alex Johnston has been a part of 7 Little Johnstons since he was 9 years old. The young one has come a long way and is 16 years old now. The latest season is capturing all his adventures. He and his sister Emma are only a year away from going off to college. Hence, they are learning a lot of things to prep up for the adult world. This includes learning how to drive and even getting a job. It turns out that Alex’s Kindergarten teacher, Stefani Simmons, is close to her mom. She is more of a family friend now, and he stays in touch with her.

Mrs. Simmons wanted to hire Alex for a job. She and her family are in the middle of building a house. It is going to be their “forever home”. Hence, she wanted the 7 Little Johnsons star to capture pictures and videos of their building process. That way, the family will always have something to look back into and remember the moment. Alex got his first drone last year. So, he was quite good at operating one. Although he was quite nervous about the same, he did a perfect job and managed to get some decent pictures. His elder brother, Jonah, accompanied him for the same.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Has His First Road Accident! Bumps Car Into A Mailbox

Alex and Emma made a post a few days ago. It was about their driver’s license. Both of them cleared the test and got their learner’s permit. Therefore, it was a big moment for them, and their mother shared this post on their family Instagram handle. The latest 7 Little Johnstons episode had Jonah, the eldest sibling teaching Alex and Emma how to drive. In fact, the segment featuring the former behind the wheel become part of the series. While both the brothers were talking to each other about the basics of driving, something scary happened. The Johnston brothers were in their car.

Alex Johnston ended up bumping into a mailbox while he was driving. It was quite a scary moment for the teenager. Yet, he joked in front of the camera that it was his first “accident”. Jonah got out of the car to see the damages. Luckily, nothing had happened. Only the side view mirror of their vehicle had come apart. So, Jonah was glad that they were safe and nothing intense took place. But Alex felt quite awful about the whole thing.

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