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Glenn & Gage Halterman Sick With RSV, Fans Send Prayers

ByIron Men

Dec 5, 2022

1000-Lb. Sisters stars Glenn and Gage Halterman are currently sick with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). After hearing this sad news, many fans are sending prayers and positive wishes. Keep reading for the full update on Amy Halterman’s two young boys.

Glenn & Gage Halterman are sick with RSV.

You may have heard that RSV is going around right now and that it seems to be very bad this year. Unfortunately, two-year-old Gage and five-month-old Glenn have been hit with the sickness. RSV can be pretty serious in babies and young children and sometimes requires hospitalization.

Amy Halterman Instagram - Glenn & Gage Halterman

Late on Sunday night, Amy hopped on Instagram and shared a five-month update on Glenn, marking this exciting milestone with several sweet photos. The baby boy is wearing a coordinating sweatshirt and sweatpants set with a sloth print. He’s also wearing sneakers. For the photos, Amy set a wooden milestone sign on his chest.

The mom of two gushed, “I still can’t believe how much gage and you have grown! MUm, dada, and brother love you so much! I’m honor gage & you choose me to be your mum.”

Then, she shared the heartbreaking news that Glenn and Gage Halterman are sick. She noted, “Even when both of you are sick y’all still find a way to smile…. Get better soon baby( boys have rsv).”

In her post, Amy didn’t share too much about her boys’ symptoms or say how severe their cases of RSV are. She might share more later.

Below, you can see Amy’s full post, including Glenn’s five-month photos.