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Kody & Robyn Brown Plan To Rebuild With Obedient Wives?

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Dec 5, 2022
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Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown have always claimed to follow an egalitarian setup in their plural marriage. In this setup, women enjoy a degree of independence even when taking decisions as a family. However, now that Christine has left the family and is off to a new start, Kody and Robyn wish to change things. Fans now feel that they wish to recreate the family with obedient wives. Why do they think so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody And Robyn Brown Wish For Power Over Other Wives

A couple of years ago, Kody openly questioned on the show whether or not polygamy was a failed experiment that affected his wives’ happiness. Now that Christine has left, the Brown family patriarch is wounded by the loss of power. Not just that, he has also retaliated by trying to tighten his control over his remaining wives. He declared that their family practices patriarchy while demanding compliance from his wives to his will.

Fans feel that Kody is reciprocating what Robyn feels and there might be truth to it. Instead of gaining respect and power through love, he decided to opt for a dictator-like mentality. He even declared control and power while forcing submission to his will.

Kody And Robyn Want Obedient Wives With No Outside Influence

On Reddit, fans have discussed how the duo wishes to recreate the family with obedient wives after Christine made them feel powerless. The discussion started with the OP stating that Kody avoided his other wives and even his kids using COVID as an excuse. They claimed Robyn and Kody want to be monogamous but do not wish to lose power over other wives.

Another fan added, “He and Sobyn are planning on rebuilding with obedient wives…”

“Straight off the compound! So that society can’t influence them to think for themselves and be independent women, which are his kryptonite,” chimed a third fan.

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A fourth fan wrote, “And Kody will be the new church leader. And Sobyn will be the first wife who makes sure everyone is amply miserable and under-fed.”

“You forgot the most important role of hers. To collect the tithes,” quipped another.

Kody Brown Claims Robyn Is The Obedient Wife

Meri and Janelle Brown have stuck around with Kody for a long time. However, they are independent women who aren’t compliant enough for the Brown family patriarch and his favorite wife. He even claimed that Robyn is the obedient wife in their polygamist arrangement given how she always nods to what he wants.

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Do you think Robyn and Kody are scared of independent women being a part of their family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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