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1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Unable To Manage Two Kids On Her Own! Fans Call Her Husband Michael USELESS

ByIron Men

Feb 28, 2023

Amy Slaton from 1000 Lb Sisters had dreamed of having a family of her own. While she was focusing on her weight loss, she also tied the knot to Michael Halterman. Soon, they began expanding their family, and now they are the parents to two baby boys, Gage and Glenn. Despite the celebrity always wishing to have kids and accepting motherhood, she was struggling with it in the latest episodes.

The new season captured her second pregnancy and how her life had been since becoming a mother of two. Well, the latest episode had a very heartbreaking yet intense moment. That’s because Amy Slaton Halterman ended up having a major breakdown. Long story short, her husband also became the bearer of the “useless” tag. So, what happened that made the viewers feel so? Well, keep reading to know all the answers to your queries.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Breaks Down While Having Difficulty In Parenting, Husband Michael Unbothered!

Amy Slaton started her journey on 1000 Lb Sisters to work on her weight and inch towards a healthier lifestyle. Even though she qualified for the weight loss surgery and got it, Amy had to go through many more changes other than that. For instance, she became a mother not once but twice in a short span of time. While Amy’s eldest son, Gage, came into this world in 2020, Glenn was born in 2022. So, the latest season has been all about the young mother parenting the baby boys. In the latest episode, Amy, Gage, and her husband Michael went for a barbeque lunch.

There was a moment when Gage got agitated. Hence, Amy had to take him out of the stroller to calm him down. But it was of no use. While all this was happening, her husband, Michael, was sitting blissfully and having his food. As Amy recalled this moment, she started shedding tears during her confessional. She talked of being hot as hell, and it had only been two weeks since she gave birth to baby Glenn. The 1000 Lb Sisters star didn’t have much sleep at that point, and her baby just couldn’t stop crying.

Amy further said that both of her baby boys had started to cry, and she was trying to decide who needed her attention more. The 1000 Lb Sisters star began to doubt herself and wondered how she would do it. Her sister, Amanda, was sitting beside her during her one on one with the camera and tried to calm her down.

1000 Lb Sisters: Fans Troll Michael For Being ‘Useless!’ Say Parenting Is A Two People Job

Amy Slaton Halterman got very emotional and vulnerable in the latest 1000 Lb Sisters episode. As mentioned above, she was having a tough time managing her baby boys. She wondered how she would parent both Glenn and Gage without hurting one of their feelings. While putting her to ease, Amy’s sister Amanda spoke up. She said that she is not “supposed to” do these things by herself. Amanda reminded her sister that she has a “husband,” i.e., Michael, and he needs to act like a dad too.

After the episode aired, Michael began to face the wrath of many furious fans. A person wanted to know how no one during the barbeque just took one of the kids and handed him to his dad. Therefore, the viewers began to call Michael out for not being involved and taking parenting seriously. Soon, many of them started calling the 1000 Lb Sisters cast member “useless.”

It was clear that Amy’s sister Amanda was also upset at her brother-in-law for being more interested in eating rather than helping his wife.

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