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90 Day Fiance: Jen Refuses To Sleep With Rishi Before Marriage As He Hides His Relationship From Indian Parents!

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Feb 28, 2023

The 90 Day Fiance show has come up with several spinoffs in the recent past. One of them is the Other Way, which is airing these days. It brought several couples who are ready to relocate just to stay with their better half. Rishi Singh and Jen Boecher have caught the attention of their audience because their storyline seems to be similar to Sumit and Jenny. Rishi is an Indian, while Jen comes from the States. As per the current scenario, Boecher has come to India all the way but is abstaining from sex with her fiance! Shocking, isn’t it? To know why Jen took this decision, keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Jen Wants Wait Until Marriage To Get Intimate With Rishi Singh

The official TLC page shared a clip from the upcoming episode of the 90 Day Fiance. In it, Jen is finally in India and has found a perfect flat for her as well. It started with Boecher praising the apartment and claiming that it is huge and that she is really impressed with it. Amidst the conversation, she noticed that her fiance Rishi was getting restless and was constantly looking at his watch. Hence, the American native decided to confront him and ask about it. Rishi explained that he was calculating how much time was left because he needed to get home on time or else he needed to give clarification to his parents.

Rishi further added that as it was their first night, he could stay with Jen and spend time with her. Boecher replied and shockingly revealed that she wanted to take things slow for now. The 90 Day Fiance star further explained that she needed some time to get familiar again with him. Jen admitted in her confessional that the main reason is her family and friends’ doubts. Their doubts have also crept into her mind somewhere down the line. So, Jen needs to be sure that she and Rishi are on the same page before jumping to a conclusion.

Indeed, Rishi was shocked and confused at the same time. So, Jen explained to him that she fears that if her fiance gets too comfortable spending nights with her and hooking up, there is a fair chance that Rishi will doubt his decision to marry. Boecher gave an example of why someone would buy a cow if he got the milk for free! So she wants to abstain from sex till they officially walk down the aisle.

90 Day Fiance: Will Rishi Agree To Jen’s Terms?

The 90 Day Fiance star Rishi Singh didn’t expect anything like this in his wildest dreams. As per his claims, Jen had already been intimate with him when she last visited. Hence, it didn’t make sense to him. The Indian native heard her entire point and then rationally questioned her. He stated that they had already been intimate two years back, so what difference does it make now? It was clear that Rishi was not satisfied with Boecher’s explanation.


Though Rishi didn’t openly talk about it in front of Jen, he expressed his disappointment in the confessional. He admitted that he expected his fiancee to want him the same way, but it turned out the opposite. However, Singh hesitantly laughed and claimed that there was nothing to worry about. The viewers also didn’t get Jen’s point and slammed her for this. A user commented that this is so awkward. Another one questioned Boecher and asked if she moved all the way just to slow things down. The majority agreed that abstaining from intimacy is not the solution.

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