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90 Day Fiance: Will TLC Finally Fire Shaun Robinson As Tell All Host & Choose Andrei Castravet Instead?

ByIron Men

Feb 28, 2023

The 90 Day Fiance Tell All episodes are always fun to watch. The entire cast of a particular season comes together and discusses each other’s lives and relationships. The host of the show plays a crucial role. For years, Shaun Robinson has been hosting it and trying to make it as interesting as possible. However, it seems that the audience is not convinced by her hosting anymore. The viewers want someone who can come out of their comfort zone and can initiate a questionnaire that’s not scripted. Fans think that another member, Andrei Castravet, would be a great choice. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Will Andrei Castravet Be The Next Tell-All Host?

Over the years, Shaun Robinson has been hosting almost all the Tell All episodes of the 90 Day Fiance show. She is a famous Americal Television personality who has appeared on several shows. Lately, the viewers feel that she has been giving easy balls to the cast members. Due to this, they usually escape important questions. Hence, the audience wants someone who can ask a questionnaire that’s not scripted and has real questions. Recently, fans took this matter to Reddit and discussed it.

Indeed, someone who has been on the show and lived in the dynamics could ask better questions than someone who has watched it from outside. Hence, many viewers believe that Andrei Castravet could do this job really well. NEW WORLD TODAY revealed that a thread started on Reddit asking other regular watchers if they also wanted the TLC star as the Tell All host. The thread claims that people do not necessarily like Andrei and his personality. But, he brings drama and is always open to discussing that. As per OP, the TLC star has a complex personality as he thinks that nothing is wrong with him while everyone else is the problem.

But the original poster was confident that because of all these traits, he could bring in real drama and make the show more interesting. The thread concluded by claiming that Shaun Robinson is really boring, and people are over her now. The majority of 90 Day Fiance viewers agreed to the OP and even were ready to sign the petition because they were totally up for it. A user claimed that the thread made some valid points. Others accepted the urgent need to change the current host with anyone possible.

90 Day Fiance: Why Fans Are Asking Shaun Robinson To Be Removed As The Host

While the 90 Day Fiance viewers expressed their wish to have Andrei, they also revealed why they don’t want Shaun Robinson anymore. A Redditor pointed out that the star is not only lame and boring, but her way of acting shocked or surprised on every other emotion is not convincing. Another user claimed that Shaun never asks real questions, and whenever things are getting spicer, she immediately changes the subject and diverts the drama. Many regular watchers agreed with this and added that when arguments get juicier, she changes the topic.


Even in the recent past, the regular watchers accused Robinson of giving a sympathetic turn to Angela’s timeline instead of discussing her violent behavior. Andrei’s supporters came because of his bluntness. A Redditor quoted the incident where everyone was trying to support Kalani and Asuelu to work things out. Castravet simply looked and asked them to file for a divorce! Though there were some who thought that Tim Malcolm would be a better option, most of them agreed to the urgent need to replace Shaun anyhow. 

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