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Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Claims Dad Kody’s ‘Spankings’ Left Her Bruised!

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Feb 28, 2023

Sister Wives is one of the hit shows of the TLC franchise. Over the years, the polygamous family has gained a lot of popularity. However, Kody’s dominating nature has ruined the family forever. Neither his wives nor his children are on good terms with him. Apart from Robyn’s kids, all the other Kody’s kids are currently estranged from him. Following the conclusion of Sister Wives Season 17, Gwen has been revealing some family secrets to viewers. She has frequently highlighted the tension within the family.

Christine and Kody’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, has been particularly vocal about her feelings toward her father. And has also criticized the patriarch publically due to his bad behavior towards his wives and children. The Sister Wives star kid recently put out some serious allegations against her father. She accused her father of “physically abusing” her when she was little. She even disclosed that Kody had left bruises on her on numerous occasions.

Sister Wives: Gwen Alleges Father Kody Brown Was Physically Abusive In Her Childhood

The TLC star, Gwendlyn Brown, has always been candid about her life. She is one of the most outspoken kids in the Brown family. If you are a Sister Wives fan, you may know that Gwen runs a Patreon account where she reacts to the Sister Wives Season 17 episodes. The TLC star also addresses questions regarding her family. She records videos talking about her upbringing, family ties, and childhood memories.

Just like always, she recently uploaded a video reacting to Season 17 Episode 10. The episode featured Kody calling all his wives to talk about Christine’s relocating to Utah. During the meeting, Kody becomes aggressive and stands up, shouting at Christine. Although it may have been the first time fans saw him as aggressive, Gwen was no stranger to it. Gwen revealed that her father has frequently yelled at her in a similar manner.

Towards the end of the reaction video, Gwen proceeds to answer a fan’s question. One of them questioned whether Kody’s anger has ever turned into physical abuse. Gwendlyn immediately responded, saying, “Yes”. Recalling the incident, she claimed that her dad had bruised her a few times when he used to spank her. Furthermore, she state that he had admitted to throwing her in the air to scare her into not doing something.

Gwendlyn continued by stating that some people disagree with the idea that spanking constitutes abuse. However, she firmly believes that spanking is excessive and there are better, non-harmful ways to discipline children. The Sister Wives star was emotionally heartbroken to recall all the memories. This is not the first instance where Gwen got emotional while discussing Kody’s relationship with her. In a previous video, she shared her experiences with her father’s partial parenting.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Emotionally Struggles With Father’s Favoritism Towards Robyn’s Kids

The Sister Wives star, Gwendlyn Brown, has always been candid about her relationship with her father, Kody Brown. In her recent YouTube video, the 21-year-old became emotional talking about her father’s inactive parenting in her childhood. The video featured Kody greeting Robyn’s younger kids as they came home from their first day of kindergarten. Kody asked them about their day at school. Kody checks their lunch boxes and appreciates them for finishing it all. Not stopping there, he also asked if they had fun at the school. However, watching the scene, Gwen became quite emotional, recalling Kody’s reaction to her first day at school.

Although she feels happy for the kids, seeing Kody being active with them and never to her hurts her. Gwen feels terrible to see her dad investing in Robyn’s kids when she did not get as much. However, she is happy for them as they have such a good father. But recalling her childhood memories, she said she never remembered if Kody ever asked her about her first day or about having lunch. Well, she appreciates her mother’s efforts, but it hurts to realize that it was never her father.

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