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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Comes Out Of The Closet, Reveals Sexual Orientation During IG Live!

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Feb 28, 2023

Meri Brown was the first wife who tied the knot with polygamist Kody Brown. Apart from her, the latter then spiritually married three more women, i.e., Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Together, all five of them became famous through their show Sister Wives on TLC. But after a decade of being familiar TV stars, their lives took a drastic turn. It began when Christine announced her divorce from Kody.

At last, Janelle and Meri also confirmed that they had separated from their husband. Now, all three of these ex-spouses are focused on their individual lives. Recently, Meri was in the limelight as people began questioning her sexuality. It happened when she posted a picture of a beautiful woman on her Instagram. Well, after paying heed to all the speculations, she finally came out and revealed her actual sexual orientation! Keep reading to know more about it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Officially Comes Out On Her IG Live!

Meri Brown has been the lone wolf of Sister Wives for a long time. While she didn’t get along with the rest of the spouses, her relationship with Kody also began to deteriorate a few years ago. At last, both of them took the mutual decision to call off their marriage after raising they couldn’t keep holding on any longer. They did so through a common Instagram post this year. Since then, fans have been hoping that Meri starts dating someone new now that she is finally single.

The fans have also been questioning her sexuality after seeing her post with a beautiful woman on social media. Well, as per TheSun, Meri Brown decided to do something about these rumors. So, the star came live to have a chat with her Instagram followers. That’s when she couldn’t hold it in any longer and came out as a “straight” woman. After building such suspense for the Sister Wives fans, she finally giggled and said the viewers have finally heard it from her “mouth.”

Sister Wives

Well, they didn’t feel let down by Meri but understood the mother of one was trying to imply that people shouldn’t be paying heed to the rumors about her varying sexuality. Other than this, she has become very goal-oriented and often posts pictures from her business trips on her Instagram or hangs out with her friends.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reveals She Has A Lot Of “Completely Platonic” Friends! Not Dating Anyone?

Clearly, the buzz about Meri Brown’s varying sexual orientation irked her. Well, this wasn’t the first time it happened. In 2015, the first wife ended up having an affair with a man online, Sam Cooper, only to find out she was getting catfished. It turned out to be a woman, Jackie Overton, who claimed in her book, based on this experience, that Meri knew all along that she was a woman. Yet, she continued to be with her. However, the Sister Wives star has not confirmed anything about this matter.

Recently, viewers began to question Meri’s sexuality again after spotting her with a blonde woman on her Instagram stories. While wishing her a Happy Birthday, the celebrity had called her “beautiful” and how the mystery woman was “rare” and knew “so much about her.” But on her latest Instagram live, Meri nullified the fact that there is a romantic angle between her and the said friend.

Sister Wives

To clarify it further, Meri said people couldn’t comprehend that she could be “platonic friends” with males and females. How do you feel about the star coming out in such a way on her Instagram? Tell us in the comments. 

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