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1000-lb Best Friends star says she is ‘extremely self conscious’ about her body

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Mar 28, 2023

1000-lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross showed off her huge weight loss journey as she hoped the doctor would give her the sign-off to remove her excess skin

Vannessa Cross has revealed her self doubts over her body after the reality TV star shed a huge amount of weight.

The 1000-lb Best Friends star, 44, opened up on her desire to have surgery to remove her “friend” – her excess skin.

In a trailer for the latest episode, posted to TLC’s Instagram page, Vannessa speaks of her excitement at seeing her doctor to see whether she can have the op she is desperate for.

Vannessa told the doc her “hanging” is making her self-conscious as she showed off the looseness on her underarms and slapped what she called her “fat wings”.

She is then seen showing off her loose skin that she had tucked into her trousers, saying her new friend goes “everywhere with me now” before labelling it “embarrassing”.

1000-lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross showed off her weight loss

The camera then shows a doctor congratulating her on her weight loss before scuppering her dreams of surgery, saying: “Right now is not the right time for surgery. You’re probably not quite ready yet.”

She shoots the surgeon a look of disappointment as he shares his decision and later commented on the post: “I did not want to hear that,” along with a crying face emoji.

However, fans of the show and Vannessa were quick to reply to keep her spirits up and make her know how well she is doing.

1000-lb Best Friends star Vannessa showed off her new ‘friend’

One user wrote: “You are his biggest success, he wants to make sure you lose the weight you need so that when it’s time for your skin removal, he has you looking tight and right.

“Girl don’t you know your [sic] his masterpiece. He is taking his time on you. I can already see your pretty legs and figure underneath the skin and so does he. Keep losing the weight girlfriend. You know it takes time to make fine wine. I’m your number 1 cheerleader.”

Another agreed, adding: “You have done amazing work since your surgery. Also love your personality!”

She wasn’t impressed by the doctor’s decision

Others took to the post to criticise the doctor’s decision not to grant her her wish. One follower said: ” Aww, poor Vanessa, you have done so well ! I think you really do deserve it. Now.

And another urged her to get a second opinion, saying: “Not ready?? How much more does she need to lose?! Good Lord!! She did so well and she should have the surgery. She can have it.

“She can slow her weight loss to prevent skin sag now. She’s at this point now. After a HUGE loss you get this result. Come on. Taking her down to a bone is a bit much. She will be thin after you take all the hang.”

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