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Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown’s Ex’s Aren’t Suing Over Coyote Pass

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Mar 28, 2023 ,

Kody Brown of Sister Wives has been worried that his three ex-wives will turn around and sue him over Coyote Pass, but it looks like they won’t.

Since widdling himself down to one wife, Kody Brown of Sister Wives has feared his three ex-wives would sue him over Coyote Pass. The father of 18 hasn’t done himself many favors over the years, as he often treated Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown poorly. Now, the patriarch is fearing he could lose everything he worked for.

Sister Wives Kody Brown has been a series villain for the last few seasons as Kody is seemingly losing control of his life and those around him. The latest season showed Christine walking away from her 25-year union to Kody after years of being unhappy. While the move wasn’t surprising, Kody lost his cool multiple times as he tried to understand why his wife was ditching him. Janelle and Meri Brown followed suit shortly after, leaving Kody with only one wife, Robyn Brown.

Kody Brown Is Afraid He Will Be Sued

A source close to the Brown family spoke with In Touch, revealing that the three ex-wives and Kody were on good terms despite their animosity towards him during their spiritual unions. There have been rumors of some bad blood between Janelle and Kody, but the family friend noted there was “no truth” to any of it. Coyote Pass was a storyline on Sister Wives for a long time, even though no one has yet to break ground on their land. In fact, the family still owes money and can’t build on it until it is paid off. Christine sold her share back to Kody for $10 in order to get rid of this drama from her life.

Who From Sister Wives Owns Coyote Pass

The Brown family purchased the large piece of land in Flagstaff shortly after moving to Arizona in 2018. Kody and his wives spent $820,000 on the land, with each of them building their own home. There are two smaller parcels of land and two larger parcels of land, with Kody being part-owner of all four properties. Janelle, who took a trip after her split, is said to own 2.42 acres, Robyn 2.42 acres, Meri 4.48 acres, and Christine had a 5.16 plot.

Sister Wives star Kody is understandably worried about his ex-wives suing him over his assets. The patriarch did not treat his first three wives respectfully during their marriages, so they could have easily gone after their shared land. Instead of splitting his time correctly, Kody chose to spend his time with Robyn and their kids. Janelle lost her patience with Kody last season, and if anyone would go after the land, it might be her.

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