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“Please leave him”: I Love A Mama’s Boy fans urge Kristy to divorce Robert after taking the paternity test

I Love A Mama’s Boy returned to TLC for an all-new episode on Sunday night, and this week, Kristy decided to give in and take the paternity test. Over the past few weeks, Robert’s mother Nancy has been forcing her son to take a paternity test to confirm if his daughter with Kristy was really his. Robert also gave in to his mum’s suspicions and urged his wife to agree for the same.

Following the episode’s release, many fans took to Twitter to express their honest reactions, and the majority of them were not favourable to Robert. @Tr3TrueBlue wrote:

“This whole thing is just ridiculous/embarrasing/disgusting…Kristy please leave him…let Nancy have him.”

Episode 6 of I Love A Mama’s Boy titled It’s Mama’s Day, Honey, featured Kristy and Robert having a conversation about the paternity test his mother had been pestering him about. During her confessional, Kristy shared that there was a lot going on that put her family at stake. She was referring to the paternity test drama.

Kristy shared that she did not put the stress of the paternity test on Robert because of his fight. But now that his fight was over, she couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer. The I Love A Mama’s Boy star added that she needed to confront the situation now.

Opening up to Robert, Kristy asked him if he didn’t think that Kimberly was his daughter. Robert shared,

“Of course I believe my daughter is mine. Maybe I just got a nagging mom. I think the best antidote for this situation is for you to take them.”

“Of course I believe my daughter is mine. Maybe I just got a nagging mom. I think the best antidote for this situation is for you to take them.”

Continue reading to find out what fans of the show had to say about the drama.

Fans claim Kirsty should divorce Robert in I Love A Mama’s Boy

Fans who watched the episode and saw Kristy agree to take the paternity test took to Twitter to voice their opinions. They shared that she should serve Robert with a divorce notice along with the results.

More on what happened this week in I Love A Mama’s Boy Episode 6

This week on I Love A Mama’s Boy, Kristy’s mother was in town and staying with her daughter. When she heard about the paternity test drama that Nancy had sparked, she was shocked. During her confessional, Kathy shared that Nancy’s relationship with Robert was overwhelming.

She said:

“She, like, really tries to baby him. It’s just kind of sickening. And she needs to control herself and be a better mother and mother-in-law because she is wild.”

Meanwhile, Kristy opened up about why she decided to take the paternity test. The I Love A Mama’s Boy star revealed she had been so hurt and angry with Robert.

“I feel like if I don’t take the paternity tests, that I’m never going to hear the end of it. And I feel like Nancy is going to say, ‘Oh she doesn’t want to take the paternity test because she knows the baby’s not his.’ And that will be like her ammo forever and I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Kristy continued to share that at this point she had no other choice but to take the test.

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